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We are so confident your dog will love Years that we have put together a 7 day trial pack which lets you and your dog experience the truly life changing benefits of Years.

Simply tell us a little bit about your dog and we will gently cook up their trial box for them.

What you receive:


Fresh wholefood meals

You receive 4 days of meals to be fed over a 7 day transition period

Longevity & overall health

Superfood Supplement

You receive 7 days of your dog's tailored Superfood Supplement

Joints, digestion & skin

Probiotics & prebiotics

Included in your dog's fresh meals & Superfood Supplement

Digestion & gut microbiome

Tailored to your dog

Tailored to your dog's breed, lifestyle, age and more

Breed ailments & weight management

Best ever rated fresh wholefood meals

How much is the 7 day trial?

From just £3 to £9 depending on your dog's age, activity, breed and calories they require.

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Chicken Thigh Vegetable Casserole

So tasty you will want to eat it. Delicious chicken thigh marinated with super foods, seeds, fruits, and cruciferous vegetables.

Chicken Thigh Casserole ingredients:
Chicken Thigh Casserole ingredients:Chicken thigh 31%, Chicken gizzards 29%, Sweet potato 15%, Red Pepper 10%, Spinach 6.2%, White quinoa 4.5%, Red quinoa 1%, Dried apple 1%, Taurine, essential vitamins, Minerals and trace elements 1%, Cold-pressed hemp seed oil 0.7% Salmon oil 0.7%, Basil 0.05%.

21 Day Matured Steak Hotpot

Hands off - it is for your dog! Delicious matured steak marinated with super foods, seeds, fruits, and cruciferous vegetables.

21 Day Matured Steak Hotpot ingredients:
Prime beef 31%, Beef Heart 29%, Carrot 10.5%, Red pepper 6.2%, Spinach 5.8%, Sweet potato 5%, Potato 5%, White quinoa 3.8%, Coconut 1%, Taurine, essential vitamins, minerals, andtrace elements 1%, Red quinoa 0.7%, Cold-pressed hemp seed oil 0.76%, Rosemary 0.3%.

Turkey Thigh with Cranberries

Primes meats you can see - not brown mush. Delicious turkey thigh marinated with super foods, seeds, fruits, and cruciferous vegetables.

Turkey Thigh with Cranberries ingredients:
Turkey thigh 31%, Turkey heart 29%, Sweet potato 8.3%, Potato 7.5%, Red pepper 6.4%, Carrot 5.3%, White quinoa 4.5%, Spinach 3.7%, Cold-pressed hemp seed oil 1.2%, Taurine, essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements 1%, Salmon oil 0.9%, Red quinoa 0.7%, Cranberry 0.5%, Sage 0.05%.

Fussy Eater Approved

99.8% of dog's surveyed, well their parents, wolfed down their Years meals

Calmer Digestion

Over 80% noticed an improvement in digestion in 24 hours

Improved Health

Shinier coat, better mobility and more energy just a few benefits reported

It looks much more attractive than other dog food with recognisable food items within it, it smells fine and didn't upset my dog's stomach. Her digestive system was fine with it, from one end to the other. She wasn't gassy either. I have recommended it to many friends and family.

I have recommended it to many friends and family.

8 days ago

Improved stools, healthier coat

There was no upset stomach from the introduction of the new food, in fact his poops were slightly more solid at times than his usual ones. His coat feels more thicker and healthier now. Kyber, my 5 month old XL Bully/Presa Canario has just finished his trial of Years and he loved it.

Angel J Glasgow

1 days ago

Helped with digestion issues

Spartan loved his Years food. He gobbled it up when it was put down which he doesn't normally do with his other food. It digested really well and helped with his digestion as he's been having a few issues recently. It was a winner from Spartans perspective

Charlotte Jayne

3 days ago

Transformed digestion & stools

I was super impressed that it neither looked or smelled like "dog food” He wolfed it down fast and cried for more! He has just finished his trial, each time he has "wolfed it down" and his poops are much better, easier to clean and less smelly! It's definitely a yes from us!

Charlotte Jayne

Independent review sites agree we are the best

All About Dog Food is trusted by over 2 million people each year because it independently ranks over 2,521 dog foods in the UK. meal nutrition system achieved the HIGHEST rating over all fresh dog foods-97% out of 100