Years isn’t a dog food it's a Complete Nutrition System

incomparable to anything else

Why are we so confident?

You will be to once you read the comparisons below.

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Years is not comparable to anything on the market.

It isn’t a typical dog food. It is far more than that – wholefood meal, superfood supplement, prebiotics, probiotics, essential oils, super fruits, seeds, herbs, vibrant veg.

One Complete Nutrition System.

  • Nothing like Years exists – it truly is unlike anything else from breed specific nutrition to tailored probiotic dosages for your dog.

  • Happier, healthier, longer life – that is our goal for your dog, and we care about nothing else.

  • Tailored to your dog – a Border Collie is different to a Daschund so their food is too.

Nutrition &
AADF Nutrition Rating
Breed specific ingredients
Declare % of every ingredient
Gentle cooking method
Zero legumes
Zero “mince” or mechanical meats
100% grain free
Probiotic digestive support
Prebiotic beta-glucan
Seeds & fruits
Hemp oil
Vibrant vegetables
Superfood Supplement
Store at room temperature

Tailored rating - how tailored is Years for your dog?

A 29kg Labrador that loves food, hates walks and is neutered requires not only different amounts but different ingredients than a 6kg Cockapoo that is a bit of a couch potato and refuses to eat anything other than treats!

Based on:
Breed specific ingredients
Current weight
Current body condition
Activity levels
Treat consumption
Life stage (puppy/adult/senior)
Neutered status
Pre-portioned meals

You’ll answer a few easy questions about your dog which will take just a few minutes. You won’t be able to order Years without doing this because our goal is to help your dog live a healthier, happier, longer life and we believe that requires tailoring your dogs meals.

Once you answer these questions our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist algorithm automatically calculates:

Taste rating - do fussy dogs love Years?

You will have noticed Years looks different to every other dog food on the planet so will a fussy dog eat it? Will they eat the superfoods and vegetables too?

Yes. In fact they like it a little too much and we highly suggest if your dog isn’t used to fresh, wholefood meals you introduce Years to them slowly – or they will eat it too fast!

18,412 taste testers


of dogs emptied their bowl

Meat broth marination

We use the natural juices from our meats to marinate every ingredient – so your dog loves it.

Fruits in every meal

Naturally sweetening every meal and providing antioxidants to your dog

60% prime cuts of meat

No brown mush just prime cuts of meat like chicken thigh and beef steak!

Which do you think tastes better?

Convenience Rating - How easy is Years for you?

Your dog is incredibly important to us but so are you. You shouldn’t be worrying whether you're feeding your dog right or whether you will be in when your order is delivered!
Convenience rating
Confidence your feeding your dog the very best nutrition
Complete Nutrition System with everything you need
Pantry Fresh™ - no freezing or refrigeration required

No more worrying about when your delivery will arrive

Choose your delivery day at checkout and our team will cook your meals and ensure there ready and waiting for you on the day you choose.

  • Delivery on a day that suits you

  • No need to be at home - will leave safe

  • No frozen or chilled product - so no stress!

Store fresh meals in your cupboard at room temperature

It's true! The benefits of fresh, wholefood meals but without the hassle of freezing, defrosting and stinking out your fridge.

  • Hassle free cupboard storage

  • Freezer? No. Fridge? No. Easy!

  • No nasties - 100% natural wholefood meals

How does it work? It is so easy - you will love it!

Tell us about your dog
Every question you answer impacts your dogs unique meals. - get started now
We formulate their recipe
Your dogs Complete Nutrition System is formulated by our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist - get started now
Calculate your price
Your price is unique to your dog and includes the entire Complete Nutrition System - get started now
Chef cooked
Our chefs freshly cook your dogs' tailored meals in our Nottinghamshire kitchens - get started now
Home delivered
We deliver everything in one easy delivery, to your door on a day you choose. - get started now
Total confidence you're feeding your dog right
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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if Years if for you?

Talk with us.

Our team is here to help with ANY query even if it's not related to our food. Our goal is to help dogs live longer, whether they’re eating Years or not.

Over the last three years, we have worked incredibly close with qualified vets and dog nutritionists to scientifically perfect our recipes. We use these studies and data, alongside the information you provide us with about your dog to create a highly accurate veterinary formula.

This then determines the exact number of calories and ingredients you should be feeding to your dog to benefit them. Therefore every dog fed Years, essentially has its own dietician consultant and personal chef curating their bespoke nutrition plan, because every dog is different.

Other dog food brands are currently only able to give you a guideline of what you should be feeding your dog based on their size.

We gently Steam Fresh™ your dog's meals to remove any harmful bacteria whilst still preserving the high-quality, vitamins, minerals, and moisture naturally found in fresh whole foods.

We have done the hard work for you so you don’t need to cook your meals. Our food is delivered to you already cooked and ready to be eaten straight from the tray.

We use passionate about using prime cuts of meat from the muscle such as steak, chicken, and turkey thigh, which is higher quality than "human grade" meat.

Human-grade meat is a term commonly used in the dog food industry to give the impression of high-quality meat. However, human grade simply means that the ingredient could be used in a human meal. So human grade is often a disguise for mechanically separated meat.

So, there is a big gap between mechanically separated meat and a mouthwatering prime cut of steak. We know which we would prefer to eat, which dogs would prefer to eat, and therefore which makes it into our meals!

We believe that all animals should be treated with respect and live humane and fulfilling life. This is why we source all of our meat ethically from family farms with strict welfare standards. All of our wholefood and superfood ingredients are locally sourced also.

They most certainly are. Instead of grains or fillers, we use quinoa which is a seed with amazing health benefits such as encouraging normal heart and nervous system functions.

We are the first fresh dog food company in the world that is Pantry Fresh™. This means you can store your Years meals and superfood supplement blend in your pantry or cupboard. Neither requires freezing or refrigerating when unopened. Once your meals are opened, please refrigerate and use them within 5 days.

This makes Years meals extremely convenient, especially when travelling!

Both your meals and superfood supplement blends will stay fresh for PantryFresh™ for up to 3 months, but always check the expiry date on your labels.

Years is suitable for all life stages as we tailor our meals with age in mind. Some health conditions may need a clinically controlled diet so please get in touch if you are unsure if Years is suitable for your dog.