Our goal is to help your dog live a

longer, healthier,

happier life

with breed specific tailored nutrition

Pug? Cockapoo? Mixed breed?

They're all different so their nutrition should be too.
Discover your dog's recipe

Gerard Lippert's study shows dogs

can live up to 3 years longer

“Dogs fed a commercial diet live on average for just 10.4 years, whereas dogs fed a fresh wholefood diet lived 13.1 years – nearly 3 years longer.”

In the 5 year study Dr Gerard Lippert concluded your dog, just like you thrives when eating a wholefood, highly nutritious, minimally processed diet.

Numerous further studies* reviewed by our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist have shown your dog’s longevity and health is also impacted by:

  • Your dogs breed and genetic breed traits

  • Your dogs weight and activity levels

So we created a Complete Nutrition system for your dog, which considered all of these findings and then went took a huge step further - we tailored everything to your dogs breed, weight, activity levels, current condition and pre/probiotic needs.

Complete Nutrition System

Tailored for your dog giving you complete confidence you’re feeding them the very best nutrition.

Wholefood meal Your dogs recipe based on Dr Lippert study results
Superfood Supplement Your dogs formula designed for their breed and longevity

Complete Nutrition System

Tailored for your dog giving you complete confidence you’re feeding them the very best nutrition.


Fresh wholefood meals cooked by chefs

By using the principles outlined in the Dr. Gerard Lippert longevity study, and numerous other studies we have created what we believe are the world's best dog meals.

Designed with the goal of helping your dog live a longer, heatlhier and happier life every meal includes tailored:

  • Seasonal wholefoods – that you would eat yourself. Gently Steam Fresh™ cooked by our Nottinghamshire chefs

  • Prime cuts of meat – from maturated steak to skinless chicken thighs. You can see the meat your dog is eating (no brown mush from us!)

  • Seeds, fruits and cruciferous vegetables – Antioxidant powerhouses, all marinated in a meaty broth so even fussier dogs enjoy.

  • Natural prebiotics – to support your dog's gut microbiome. Naturally occurring in quinoa, sweet potato, and salmon oil.


Superfood supplement blends included with every meal

Specifically designed by our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist to be added to your dog's wholefood meal when serving, to maximise bioavailability and absorption.

Powerful functional ingredients tailored to your dog's individual needs to help them flourish:

  • Breed-specific - A Cockapoo is different from a Labrador so we tailor the ingredients to your dog's breed traits.

  • Psyllium husk – to support healthy digestion and to help your dog transition to a new wholefood diet

  • High-scoring ORAC Antioxidants – From blueberry powder to pumpkin powder to help support your dog's immune system.

  • Joint & mobility support – Every formula includes ingredients such as rosehip powder, green-lipped mussel, and marine collagen.


Prebiotics & Probiotics for your dogs gut microbiome

Help support natural balance and provide digestive support to your dog with tailored (different serving sizes for different dogs) probiotics and prebiotics with every meal.

  • Probiotic E.faecium good bacteria - to help top up your dog's natural population of healthy bacteria (up to 400 million CFU).

  • Beta-glucan prebiotics – to further aid and encourage healthy gut function by feeding the good bacteria in your dog's gut.

  • Supporting digestion – by decreasing the pH in your dog's gut and helping the good bacteria thrive

  • Reducing flatulence - and bloating by helping to restore the natural balance of good and bad bacteria in your dog's gut


Everything Tailored To Your Dogs Breed, Age & More

Different breeds have different needs. The size of your dog, their activity level, snacks, personality, neutered status and age all impact what your dog requires from their diet.

That is why a 1-year-old neutered pug, who doesn’t have treats but is a bit of a couch potato will get different ingredients, serving size, and nutrition to a 2-year-old mixed breed dog who is full of energy and slightly overweight.

  • Breed specific nutrition – Your dogs breed impacts their longevity so we tailor their Complete Nutrition System accordingly

  • Life stage / Age – Puppies, adult and senior dogs have vastly different calcium and protein requirements so we tailor to meet their needs

  • Activity levels – Is your dog a couch potato or more energetic than a toddler? Both have completely different calorie requirements.

  • The most tailored and personalised fresh dog food in the world


Complete Nutrition System everything you will ever need

There has never been anything like this for dogs - the Complete Nutrition System is better than how most of us live.

  • Overall health & longevity

  • Joint care and mobility

  • Digestive health

  • Healthy skin & shiny coat

Independent review sites agree we are the best

All About Dog Food is trusted by over 2 million people each year because it independently ranks over 2,521 dog foods in the UK.

Years.com meal nutrition system achieved the HIGHEST rating over all fresh dog foods - 97% out of 100.

How does it work?
It is so easy - you will love it!

Tell us about your dog
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We formulate their recipe
Your dogs Complete Nutrition System is formulated by our Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionist - get started now
Calculate your price
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Chef cooked
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Total confidence you're feeding your dog right
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Chicken Thigh Vegetable Casserole

So tasty you will want to eat it. Delicious chicken thigh marinated with super foods, seeds, fruits, and cruciferous vegetables. 

Chicken Thigh Casserole ingredients:
Chicken thigh 31%, Chicken gizzards 29%, Sweet potato 15%, Red Pepper 10%, Spinach 6.2%, White quinoa 4.5%, Red quinoa 1%, Dried apple 1%, Taurine, essential vitamins, Minerals and trace elements 1%, Cold-pressed hemp seed oil 0.7% Salmon oil 0.7%, Basil 0.05%.

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Turkey Thigh with Cranberries

Primes meats you can see – not brown mush. Delicious turkey thigh marinated with super foods, seeds, fruits, and cruciferous vegetables. 

Turkey Thigh with Cranberries  ingredients:
Turkey thigh 31%, Turkey heart 29%, Sweet potato 8.3%, Potato 7.5%, Red pepper 6.4%, Carrot 5.3%, White quinoa 4.5%, Spinach 3.7%, Cold-pressed hemp seed oil 1.2%, Taurine, essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements 1%, Salmon oil 0.9%, Red quinoa 0.7%, Cranberry 0.5%, Sage 0.05%.

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21 Day Matured Steak Hotpot

Hands off – it is for your dog! Delicious matured steak marinated with super foods, seeds, fruits, and cruciferous vegetables.

21 Day Matured Steak Hotpot ingredients:
Prime beef 31%, Beef Heart 29%, Carrot 10.5%, Red pepper 6.2%, Spinach 5.8%, Sweet potato 5%, Potato 5%, White quinoa 3.8%, Coconut 1%, Taurine, essential vitamins, minerals, andtrace elements 1%, Red quinoa 0.7%, Cold-pressed hemp seed oil 0.38%, Salmon oil 0.38%, Rosemary 0.3%.

Nutritional rating comparison

Nutrition &
Breed specific ingredients
Declare % of every ingredient
Prime muscle meat
Zero “mince” or MSM
Zero legumes
100% grain free
Probiotic digestive support
Prebiotic digestive support
Salmon oil
Hemp oil
Cruciferous vegetables
Seeds & fruits

Which do you think is healthier?

Pug? Cockapoo? Mixed breed?

They're all different so their nutrition is too

A 10 year old Pug, who snacks daily but is a bit of a couch potato is different to a 2 year old mixed breed dog is full of energy.

That is why they will both get different ingredient, different amounts and different longevity advice from Years.

Just like you would tweak your diet if you were doing more exercise or knew you could benefit from more Vitamin D.

Digestion Different prebiotic & probiotic needs
Activity levels Different calorie requirements
Breed Breed specific requirements

Tailored to your dog

Based on:
Breed specific ingredients
Current weight
Current body condition
Activity levels
Treat consumption
Life stage (puppy/adult/senior)
Neutered status
Pre-portioned meals

Avoid these tricks "human grade" fresh dog food brands are using right now


"Mince" on the label is often Mechanically Separated Meat

Would you eat this?

Don't be duped by photos of prime chicken breast on the website, if their ingredient page says chicken mince it is most likely Mechanically Separated Meat.

Mechanically separated meat is a paste-like meat product produced by forcing bones, with attached edible meat, under high pressure through a sieve or similar device to separate the bone from the edible meat tissue.

Joshua Hannaby

Would you eat this?


"Freshly Prepared Chicken"on the label isn't what you think

Mechanical separation from the carcass (head, feet, scrap cuts) grounded and pasteurised into a freshly prepared chicken mush.


The product is all "minced" up to hide the Frankenstein meats.

Would You eat this?

They claim to use premium ingredients but then the product resembles brown mush with the odd flicker of veg, why?

Because it is the best way to hide the type of meat they're really using.

Would you eat this?


Calling the ingredients "human grade" to give the impression of quality

All the ingredients above are "human grade" but do you fancy them for dinner tonight? No. Don't be fooled by the term human grade.

Cuts of meat you would eat – like steak!

Dog food should be real food, food you would eat yourself – that is our philosophy. And that is why we never use “human grade” meats like mechanically separated meat but actual cuts of meats you would recognise and eat yourself.

Your dog will enjoy matured steak, skinless turkey and chicken thighs with super fruits, seeds and cruciferous vegetables.

Beef chuck

Antioxidant which assists with digestive health


Super food seed which assists with skin conditions

Steamed carrots

Antioxidant which assists with digestive health

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if Years if for you?

Talk with us.

Our team is here to help with ANY query even if it's not related to our food. Our goal is to help dogs live longer, whether their eating Years or not.

Over the last three years, we have worked incredibly close with qualified vets and dog nutritionists to scientifically perfect our recipes. We use these studies and data, alongside the information you provide us with about your dog to create a highly accurate veterinary formula.

This then determines the exact number of calories and ingredients you should be feeding to your dog to benefit them. Therefore every dog fed Years, essentially has its own dietician consultant and personal chef curating their bespoke nutrition plan, because every dog is different.

Other dog food brands are currently only able to give you a guideline of what you should be feeding your dog based on their size.

We gently Steam Fresh™ your dog's meals to remove any harmful bacteria whilst still preserving the high-quality, vitamins, minerals, and moisture naturally found in fresh whole foods.

We have done the hard work for you so you don’t need to cook your meals. Our food is delivered to you already cooked and ready to be eaten straight from the tray.

We use passionate about using prime cuts of meat from the muscle such as steak, chicken, and turkey thigh, which is higher quality than "human grade" meat.

Human-grade meat is a term commonly used in the dog food industry to give the impression of high-quality meat. However, human grade simply means that the ingredient could be used in a human meal. So human grade is often a disguise for mechanically separated meat.

So, there is a big gap between mechanically separated meat and a mouthwatering prime cut of steak. We know which we would prefer to eat, which dogs would prefer to eat, and therefore which makes it into our meals!

We believe that all animals should be treated with respect and live humane and fulfilling life. This is why we source all of our meat ethically from family farms with strict welfare standards. All of our wholefood and superfood ingredients are locally sourced also.

They most certainly are. Instead of grains or fillers, we use quinoa which is a seed with amazing health benefits such as encouraging normal heart and nervous system functions.

We are the first fresh dog food company in the world that is Pantry Fresh™. This means you can store your Years meals and superfood supplement blend in your pantry or cupboard. Neither requires freezing or refrigerating when unopened. Once your meals are opened, please refrigerate and use them within two days.

This makes Years meals extremely convenient, especially when travelling!

Both your meals and superfood supplement blends will stay fresh for PantryFresh™ for up to 3 months, but always check the expiry date on your labels.

Years is suitable for adult and senior dogs. At the moment we are unable to cater to puppies, pregnant or lactating dogs or those that have pancreatitis.