plans price changes

Over the last year our ingredients prices have increased by 39%, production costs are up 27% and packaging costs have jumped by 42%.

Other companies have offset these increases by:

  • Adding cheap fillers - like legumes and grains
  • Changing to cheaper processed meats
  • Giving you less - like removing prebiotics, probiotics and supplements

At Years we are committed to not compromising the quality of what you feed your dog.

Our mission is to help your dog live a longer, healthier, and happier life - and we can only do that if we stay true to our commitment to food and nutrition quality.

We are determined to continue to be, and to be considered to be The Best Dog Food In The World.

Because you are one of our early customers, we pledge to you that no matter what our costs rise to, your price will not go up for at least 2 years. So you can budget accordingly and be confident that your costs will not rise.

Your account will continue to show your current price plan up to Monday 29th of January 2024, when it will update to the new pricing detailed in the email we sent you. All deliveries from February 2024 will be at the new price.

Yes you can. Log in to your account and change the date of your delivery to be within January. You can do this up until January 24th. Just head to your account and select Change Delivery Date.

Once you picked your new date, make sure you select Change to confirm. If you need any help, we would love to talk to you, simply contact us here.

We of course understand that the cost-of-living crisis is impacting everyone, and budget decisions are being made carefully. Our costs have gone up substantially and to ensure we can continue providing the optimum nutrition system for your dog, for years to come, this change was required.

There are a few things worth considering:

  1. Treats
    If you are spending on treats already, it is worth considering that Years provides not just Complete Nutrition but Optimum nutrition, so treats are not required. That said, giving your dog a treat is a pleasure for both you and your dog, so we have created a recipe with just 3 ingredients which will cost you just 4p a day: Easy home made treats for 4p a day!
  2. Supplement
    Some dogs do require high dosage supplements, but many don’t, once they have started on a fresh, wholefood diet with added prebiotics/probiotics and a Superfood Supplement.
  3. Vet visits & bills
    You know the old saying you are what you eat, and compromised nutrition usually catches up with both us humans and our lovely dogs – costing more in the long run.

    Other options include:

  4. Partial feeding
    A 100% Years diet is the optimum for your dog, but research does show that your dog would still benefit massively from a partial fresh diet, fed alongside a cheaper processed kibble or wet food.

    With this in mind, you could reduce your pack sizes in your account. Just head to your account and select Change Daily Serving to pick a new plan.

If you need any help, we would love to talk to you, simply contact us here.

If you need any help, we would love to talk to you, simply contact us here. If you want us to call you then just ask on the email and we will.